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 A novel by Yorgos Kouvas

for the Greek national literature award

The novel


"Carbon" (Original title: "Καρμπόν") speaks allegorically but also with humour about the heroic exit from the mediocrity of everyday life.

Aris Kondos, a timid, introverted anti-hero, is suddenly endowed with acute hearing; a rare charisma that enables him to capture sounds from neighboring flats as well as noises from the city. The incidents are escalating and while initially annoyed by the pandemonium, he finally manages to use sounds for his benefit. The echoes from the penthouse upstairs are tempting. A deviating journey in the kingdom of sounds begins. Aris becomes addicted to eavesdropping and imitates the life of the painter Philippos Rhodopoulos. The hero sets up sound-traps and pulls sound-strings wishing to realize his secret dream: to conquer the peaks of Art. But, is he heading into elevation or into free fall?


The author

Καρμπόν, Γιώργος Κούβας

Yorgos Kouvas (George) was born in Corinth, Greece. He has a diploma in electrical and computer engineering and a masters in business administration.


Since 2011 he lives in Switzerland where he works designing and developing novel medical devices. On February, 2017 he joined the Wyss Center in Geneva aiming to develop clinical solutions that improve the lives of people with nervous system disorders.

He started his authoring activity with technical texts. He published in internationally recognized journals such as Springer and Elsevier. He writes literature. "Carbon" is his first novel. 


Nominated for 4 awards


Greek National Literature Award



Greek Authors Society Award



"Anagnostis" Awards



"Klepsidra" awards


In the press

The novel of sounds

The novel is available since November 2017, in greek. ISBN: 978-618-5004-61-3.

On the cover: Photograph by Maria Sarafi, entitled "Echotrap", based on an installation by Mark Manders

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Author: Yorgos Kouvas

Publisher (in Greece): Kichli Publishing

Photography: Maria Sarafi

Artistic consultant: Stilos

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